Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Adding a Little Flair to Your Filing Cabinets

Hey there!

Just popping in quickly to share a new freebie that I just added to my TPT store. I made these last summer, but with a different pattern as the background and quickly outgrew that pattern so I made some new ones to match all the bright, fun colors in my classroom.  I am enamored with them and can't wait to print, laminate, and hang them at school tomorrow.  The labels were definitely a great addition to my filing cabinets to add some extra color and make it easier for me to know what subjects or topics were in what drawer.

We are officially on summer break {PTL}, but I have been going in this week to do my cleaning, organizing, and overall set up for next year. Some may think I'm crazy, but I did this the year I was pregnant with my daughter and I didn't end up going back in to school all summer long.  Let me tell you-it was the BOMB.COM! I haven't done it since and every year I find myself stressing out and basically living in the school for the whole month of August.

The labels fit the filing cabinet really well and I just simply add magnet dots to all four corners of the label and they really do stick on the filing cabinet really well. I even have a couple of drawers that have two or three of these labels on them and they still work.

I hope some of you find them useful! Let me know what you think!


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