Sunday, March 30, 2014

Indiana Teachers Spring $1 Sale!

My fellow Hoosier bloggers and I are have a flash $1 sale today only.

 I have 3 of my favorite top-selling units on sale for just $1 today only!

There are plenty of fantastic products marked down today so be sure to hop around and check out all the great deals!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Time for Some Spring Cleaning

It may be spring, but apparently someone forgot to inform Mother Nature because we have a light dusting of snow on the ground this morning in the great state of Indiana!! Grrr!! I'm not a fan of winter and snow to begin with {yes, I know I'm living in the wrong state then}.  This winter has been the worst that I can remember. To say that I'm ready for flip flops and warmer weather is an understatement. So what better way to make my sorrows go away than to do a little retail therapy? After all, it is my favorite.

Get yourself stocked up for the rest of the year and do a little spring cleaning from your TPT wish list.  I really shouldn't after how much $ I spent at the big TPT sale, but let's be real.  There's no way there can be a sale and I can't make a purchase. Or two. Or three. Or WAY more if I'm being completely honest.

My store will be 20% off this thru Monday. It's not too late to start planning to do a Mother's Day Tea for your classroom mommas.  Check out my Tea Time packet and get started next week! We just broke the news to our kids and started reading the books this week. The kids are ECSTATIC!

Also, wanted to remind you all about the Burke's Bucket List fundraiser for the family of my sweet little firstie! We're hoping to finish the month of March strong! Check it out here...

I hope that you get lots of cleaning done! {wink, wink}

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Two in Two Days?!?!

I know, I know. You're all probably wondering what in the world is going on with this girl?!  I mean, I've blogged for two consecutive days! I'm pretty sure this is a first for me, and I'm pretty sure it may be awhile before it happens again since I return back to reality tomorrow. Here's to hoping that I'm wrong.

I've been wanting to update my supplies note that I use in my classroom and send home with my kiddos when they need more supplies. I finally got around to it and I'm really happy with the more "catchy" look. Hopefully you all agree. Still the same concept, just some funner (I'm pretty sure that's not even a word) fonts and some Melonheadz clipart which we all know you just cannot go wrong with.

Here's my updated Please Send More Supplies form. Click on the picture to take you directly to my store to download it.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

BOGGLE Math, Get Your BOGGLE Math

I have used BOGGLE Math in my classroom for a couple of years now. I love it. The kids love it. And it's a great, easy way for students to get better practice with addition, subtraction, and their overall number sense.  One of the best ways that kids like to learn is by playing games. They are learning and practicing their math skills without even realizing it.  To me, those are the best!

What's also great about BOGGLE is that it can be played in a variety of ways-whole group, small group, partners, or individually.  This year, I just lined bulletin board numbers up on the back of a bookshelf that faces outward. While I love the way it looks, it's just not realistic for me in my classroom as far as feasibility in changing the numbers out on a frequent basis.  Hence, the poster idea with these packs.  I plan on using it in my room by copying each color page and laminating. Then I'll either just hang up each poster individually every 2 weeks or month, depending on how frequently I want to change the board.  I've also thought about hole punching both corners and hanging the whole pack of posters on small binder rings so that all I have to do is flip the page whenever I need to and they're all right there at my fingertips.  The verdict is still out on that one so I'll let you know once I make a decision.

So, I've added a couple of BOGGLE Math options that I've been working on to my TPT store.  I've still got a couple of more "decorative" ideas up my sleeve that I'll be adding to the store once I get them finished. Here's what is new:

That's it for tonight friends!  I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is the last day of my Spring Break and then it's 9 full, straight weeks until SUMMER BREAK!  The countdown will officially begin!


Monday, March 3, 2014

Burke's Bucket List Fundraiser: Giving Robert the Luck O' the Irish!

Meet Angeline.  Angeline is 7. She is a darling little first grader in my class this year.  She is silly, spunky, sweet, kind, caring, helpful, and hardworking!

Angeline’s mom told me, in the fall, that Robert, Angeline’s dad, had melanoma and prostate cancer. To say this year has been hard for their family would be an understatement.  Since talking to Kathi, Angeline’s mom, in the fall, Robert has had to undergo surgeries, laser treatments, numerous rounds of radiation, and testing upon testing.  They were recently told by Robert’s doctor that now may be a good time to start doing things on their bucket list.  Robert’s 3-5 year outlook had suddenly been replaced by a much shorter timeframe.  Because of the two forms of cancer, treatment options have been restricted. Because Robert’s treatments and doctor appointments have been so consistent and for such a long period of time that one hour drives to Indianapolis have become a staple for Kathi and Robert. Kathi still works full-time while taking care of Robert and Angeline.  As we all know, financial responsibilities do not go away but seem to increase during times like what Angeline’s family is going through. I know that it has been a challenging and stressful time for Kathi as she juggles all aspects of her life.

When I realized the seriousness of Robert’s situation, we could not simply stand on the sidelines and watch this sweet little girl and her precious family go through this experience alone.  I knew we had to help in some way, no matter how big or small.  I’m a go big or go home kind of girl, so I wanted to help Robert complete #1 on his bucket list-a vacation to Ireland.

So here’s what some gracious and generous blog friends and I are doing. We are donating some of our best products to make up a “Burke’s Bucket List Fundraiser” pack that we hope will raise money for Angeline and her family. For $18, you will receive 36 products!  This pack is valued at more than $200!  Our goal is to raise enough money to send them to Ireland. You can scroll through and see all the amazing “must have” products in this packet for you to use this spring or next year. If you’re not a teacher and don’t really need the pack you can still help! There are different donation amounts on our TPT store for strictly monetary donations and no pack. Feel free to choose the dollar amount that suits you best.  All donations go straight to the family to help pay for their trip to Ireland. Thank you so much in advance for your help in spreading the word about this fundraiser and donations to help this sweet girl during this heart breaking time in their lives! If you're interested in reading more about Robert's story go to Kathi's GoFundMe website to read more about their journey. 

Head over and grab this pack and let’s send the Burke’s to Ireland!