Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Monday Made It {Take 2}

Well, I'm back for another round of Monday Made It.

Like Tara, I'm going to try and do at least one home and one school item a week.

Up first...this girl is officially & completely potty trained! I MADE IT! Phew, was it a close one! For a child who has picked up on things early-sitting up, crawling, walking, talking-she sure did give us a run for our money with the whole potty training gig. We mastered the potty part in March during spring break and she has not had a single accident in that department since then. The #2 part notsomuch.  Oh my word. It has been a long 3 months of trying to motivate, encourage, praise, bribe, beg get her to understand that we do "both things" on the potty. What is super frustrating is that she knew better because whenever she needed to go, she would hide in another room and then come in the room to inform us she'd done her business.  I seriously thought I was going to lose it!  After watching her like a hawk and some serious bribing with marshmallows and chocolate (Thank you, Frozen), my pain and suffering is over! Sorry, but I felt like this was a HUGE "made it" in my book.
Since it's finally summer break and our little miss sassy pants turns 3 in 8 days...I repeat...8 days, it was finally time to get her into a big girl bed. We were pretty sure she would be okay but it's one of those situations where ya never know what's going to happen.  You hope for the best and plan for the worst. Luckily, she stayed true to past experiences and handled the change like a champ.  It's been a week and she's doing awesome!  I wanted to get her a different bedroom outfit rather than using the crib and changing table dresser that we got her when I was pregnant.  I went to Ikea with my parents this past weekend and we got a whole new set for her. I completely underestimated the amount of time it would take to assemble everything. The hubs and I worked on putting the bookshelf and two dressers together from about a total of 5-6 hours. The miracle of it all you ask? We did not get into one argument the whole time.  Building/putting things together in our household either go really well or are continuous arguments of why the piece is just not getting put together correctly.  We got all 3 pieces together without a hitch and were able to put them in her room the next day. We're just waiting on the mattress and box springs which should be here Thursday and then we'll put her big girl bed together and the set is complete!! She's super excited about her big girl bed!

For school I finally finished my Word Family Word Sorts pack yesterday.  I've been wanting to do these for awhile now. I had another set that I used each week after introducing a new spelling skill as practice. They needed an update so I updated and added some additional skills that I would like for my firsties to practice throughout the year.

We do our spelling pretest and posttests on Friday.  Typically on Monday morning I have my firsties do the word sort for the new skill as part of their morning work.  I tell the kids that they must practice reading through the words at least twice before the bring it to me.  When they are done practicing reading and cutting they bring their paper to me to check. To be sure that they are truly practicing the words {and to make those that don't think they have to follow directions actually practice the words}, they each must read all of the words out loud to me.  Once they're done I put a sticker on their paper and it goes straight to their mailbox.  Fast, easy grading for me, as well as a good informal assessment as to which kids may or may not need more help on the skill.

Since this pack is hot off the press, it is 50% for 24 more hours.  If you're interested, head over to my TPT store and grab one for yourself!  

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