Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's Tea Time! {The Hats}

Hey there friends! I'm linking up with BlogHoppin' today to share my baby with you. Not literally but definitely something that I've worked extremely hard on and is near and dear to my heart-my Mother's Day Tea packet aka Tea Time.

I have done this since my first year of teaching and I must admit that it is my favorite part of the year. It is by far one of the most rewarding, if not the most rewarding, part of my school year both with my firsties and with my classroom mommas.

Every year when we get back from Spring Break I tell my firsties that I have a really big secret that I need for them to help me keep.  They must promise that they will not tell anyone. No brothers or sisters. No friends. No pets. And DEFINITELY no moms!!! I tell them that we will be having a Mother's Day Tea for their moms.  I then outline the main events that outline the tea-read some stories, recite a poem, sing some songs, and shower our moms with gifts.

This unit is my favorite for many reasons-one of which is the beautiful, unique hats that we make for the moms. Each child brings in two 12x12 inch pre-cut pieces of wrapping paper. I also accept donations of artificial flowers, ribbons, tulle, and netting.  

Day #1 is the actual making of the hats. We put the two pieces of paper back to back and cover one side completely with liquid starch. Then we place the "glued" pieces on top of a hat mold so that it holds the shape of an actual hat.  We then design.  I ask the kids if they want ruffles, if so big or small, if they want to roll the sides a little or a lot, or if they want to make it like a baseball cap.  The hats are left to sit and dry overnight.  

Day #2 the hats are dry and I take them off the molds. Now is the fun part....decorating! Now I'm not going to promise that you'll have the top layer of skin on your fingertips at the end of this, but I do promise it'll be worth it.  Let's just say you'll have some sore fingers from your hot glue gun.  I call the kids up one at a time to pick out whatever flowers, ribbon, tulle, and other decorations they want to put on their hat.  Once they've decided on their decorations they tell me where they want everything and I glue it for them. And VOILA! You're done!

I'll be back later to share more about the tea, but until then feel free to hop on over to my TPT store and check it out!


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