Friday, June 20, 2014

Spelling Activities {Morning Work}

I'm a firm believer that my firsties should be practicing their spelling words on a daily basis. While I would like to think that they are doing their required nightly homework of practicing their 10 words, I think we all know that that doesn't always happen despite the best of intentions.

For me, the easiest way to guarantee that every firstie in my classroom is getting in daily practice of their spelling words, I give them an activity to do for morning work. There are a couple of activities that are "weekly musts" for me.  For example, every Monday is 3x each throughout the whole year. I think that the repetitiveness of writing the words is beneficial for anyone.  I usually rotate all of the other activities on the other days of the week.  I don't give them any spelling morning work on Fridays because that is when we take our pretests and tests.  Occasionally after the first nine weeks are over and the kiddos are finally getting into our routine, I will have them do the Bingo boards on Friday mornings and we will play a few quick games before our test as a fun review.  They MUST include their 10 spelling words on their board. Once those ten words on there, they may pick other skill words or vocabulary words that are on the list to finish filling in their board.  If they run out of words to use and still have spaces left to fill, they may choose words that are on the word wall that we have already learned.

I have bundled all of the different spelling activities that I have my kids do as morning work throughout the year into a pack.  It has quite a variety of activities that are typically quick and fun for the kids to do.  There are definitely some activities that are better if you wait after the first 9 weeks or longer to do, but you can also base this off their overall abilities of your kiddos.  For example, I don't give my firsties spelling sentences until the second semester.  I don't give them scrabble spelling until we've finished all three of our math topics on addition.

I typically give ABC order, consonants and vowels, rainbow writing, ladders, and smelly and colorful spelling at the beginning of the year.

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