Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Two for Tuesday {All About Math} + a New Freebie!

I'm linking up with TTT today for another link. This week I'm discounting some of my math products 50% off.

First up is my Math Rotation Board {primary colors}.  If you're like me, you're already planning, or at least thinking, about next school year.  This board is a great way to keep your math groups organized and to be able to quickly change them and the activities that your students are doing at each station.

The other product discounted for today is my new money unit, more specifically coins and the identification of them.  This pack includes some fun ways to introduce, review, or practice characteristics of coins and their values.  Mini booklets, flip books, and a practice/review sheet are included. 

An added bonus for today is a new freebie that I just posted to my store yesterday.  Every month I send home my Monthly Parent Volunteer Calendars for my classroom parents to come into the room to volunteer either with the kids or doing odds and ends for me.  One thing that has been a real timesaver for me is my Work Request form.  While I'm gathering things that I need copied/cut/laminated/etc. for one of my parent volunteers to do, I fill out one of these forms and paper clip it to the front of my master copy.  That way, when the parent comes in there is no time wasted on explaining what needs done. They can simply look at the sheet and know all of the information.  I hope you can find it useful in your classroom! It's definitely paid off for me!


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