Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday 'Merica!

I hope you all are enjoying this special holiday with your family and friends.  I'm getting ready to take my little firecracker outside to play on our slip n slide!

To celebrate this special holiday, my TPT store is marked 20% off for today only.

I also wanted to encourage you to follow my Facebook page.  I'm currently doing a 40 minute FLASH FREEBIE on my new punch cards. I've had 2 other FLASH FREEBIES this week already, so you don't want to miss out on any others!

Once the FLASH FREEBIE is over, the punch cards will still be marked 50% for the first 48 hours, so you can still get a good deal.  I love using these in my classroom as part of my classroom management and behavior plan.  The kids really love it also.

Here's how I use them in my classroom.

I use a clip chart.  Everybody starts on green every day.  In order for them to get a "punch" on their punch card, they must finish the day on a color higher than green.  In our class, that means blue, purple, pink, or sparkling.  They get one punch for finishing on one of those colors. Once they get 4 punches they can get a prize out of our class treasure box.  Once they fill up the whole card they get a treasure box prize and they get to choose a reward out of our classroom binder of rewards. Then they start over again!  Totally motivating. Totally worth it!

I'll blog more in depth about how I manage all of that and what my binder rewards consist of later in the week, so stay tuned.  I'm working on getting my binder rewards finished to add to my TPT store.

Happy 4th friends!


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