Meet the Mrs.

Hey there! I'm Brandy Withers and I live in good ole' Indiana. I was born and raised in Indiana, and while I'm not going to lie and say I would rather live nowhere else, I will admit that it's a good place to raise a family. Because I would rather be living in Texas. Had it not been for my husband, I would have been moving to somewhere in Texas when I graduated from college. Regardless, it's home and there's simply no place like home.

I started out my teaching career as a part time reading specialist in a K-5 building. The day before school started, I was asked to teach three sections of Kindergarten music. Having no musical background whatsoever, I was a little really apprehensive but it got me a little bit closer to being full-time which obviously was my ultimate goal.  After the first day of school, my principal came to me again and told me that he was going to need me to teach all six sections of 1st grade music as well.  Hahaha, yeah right.  But then I would be full time.  Okay!  I taught in that exact position for two years, dreading teaching music everyday but loving that I was full-time.  And then I got RIFed, along 150 other teachers, due to budget cuts.

Hoping for the best but expecting the worst, I took a realtor's course and became a licensed realtor.  I signed with Tucker realty at the end of the school year and worked for them throughout the summer because I honestly thought there was no way that I was going to get a teaching job with all of the budget cuts that everyone was making and with 150 other teachers out there applying for the exact same jobs.  I guess I just didn't think I would stand out that much.

Luckily, a former boss for an after school childcare that I worked for in college knew I had lost my job and was "looking".  She was now the principal's secretary at a smaller corporation and told  me that they were hiring.  I put my app in and a little less than 3 weeks before school started I got hired as a 1st grade teacher.  I've been teaching first grade for the past 4 years now.  It's hard to believe that this year will begin my 7th year teaching!  It sure does go fast!

My little family

When I'm not busy teaching, I am busy being a mommy to my precious little girl and my three furry boys.  This little firecracker just turned 3 and has made being a mommy so much better than I ever imagined.  Now if I could just get time to slow down.  People aren't kidding when they tell you to cherish it because it goes by so fast.  She makes me feel so blessed!

My heart and soul

We are crazy dog lovers and by dog lovers I clearly mean BIG dogs.

Tucker is our Rott and he just turned 6.  He is my husband's boy and is such a lover.  He was our baby before the babe so he holds an extra special place in our heart.

Zeke is a French Mastiff and he is 5.  He is my protector and baby and is just very sweet.

And where to begin with Mac?  Mac is the baby of the group and let's just say momma was not on board with getting a third dog.  Mac is a year and a half and is ALMOST out of the puppy stage. Mac is just a mellow, clumsy, happy-go-lucky dog. To say he drives me crazy is an understatement, but he is my daughter's boy and she absolutely adores him.  Like sit on him and ride him like a pony, pull his ears, rub her face with the tip of his tail adores him.  Let's just say if it weren't for her I'd be making my husband chose me or the dog!

Despite all that, they are all our babies and we love them to pieces!

I began blogging for the simple reason that I love teaching and meeting new people.  What's a better way to do both?  I am a firm believer of not re-inventing the wheel and I think that the blogging world has changed that forever. I love that we can all unite as a group and collaborate and share our ideas.  I know that I have become a much better teacher from all the ideas and tips that I have gotten from the blogging community, so I hope that I can just be a small piece of that puzzle and help others out as well.  Because in the end, our "kids" are who benefit from it the most.

Thanks for stopping by and making my heart smile.  I hope you come back!


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